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Geospatial data empowers technology.  The above 3D Mesh is an example of how high quality, high resolution aerial imagery with accurate location information can be pulled together to provide a city-wide digital replication of the built environment.   

Getmapping Ltd

Getmapping Ltd is one of the leading global providers of geospatial data and survey solutions with over 20 years’ experience in the capture and delivery of high-resolution aerial imagery, LiDAR, digital mapping and web-based services across Europe and Africa.  

We enable the timely and cost-effective delivery of geospatial data, creating digital replicas of the  world around us. Getmapping collects, transforms, stores and delivers scalable geospatial data, mapping and modelling solutions to enable better decision making. We are differentiated from other providers as we supply both an 'air down' and a ‘ground up’ view of the environment.

We are trusted by our customers to provide optimised solutions tailored to individual requirements, delivered though our best of breed, high-tech spatial imaging systems and geo-referencing technologies. By creating true digital replicas of the environment, we empower our clients and partners to create solutions to the challenges facing their business and our planet, wherever they may be. 

We pride ourselves on our quality and performance and continually strive to remain as one of the top geospatial survey and delivery experts in the world. We were the first company to collect  nation-wide aerial photography of Great Britain in 1999 and the only company to have continuously maintained the imagery layer currency ever since.  

We have pioneered the online delivery of aerial photography to businesses, the Public Sector and the public at large. We were also an early adopter of ground-based 3D mobile mapping technologies and are now a leading supplier for the capture of high-density point cloud LiDAR and 360° panoramic imagery using the latest mobile mapping technology.    

Today, Getmapping provides a wide range of innovative, scalable geospatial solutions and has developed a portfolio of value-added mapping products and services tailored to specific client needs, including data hosting, online data delivery and web-based GIS.  


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