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Data on demand

Getmapping are experts in creating a wide range of geospatial content 'on demand'.  In fact, we are the trailblazers in it!  All the way back in 1999, we were the first Company to collect nationwide aerial photography. What’s more, we are the only company to have continuously maintained the imagery layer updated regularly ever since.

Today, being one of the top geospatial data providers - we provide a growing range of on demand content including:

  • National View

    • A seamless map of the UK and Ireland. 

    • 12.5cm aerial imagery of Great Britain and 25cm of Ireland. 

    • No area older than 3 years -  pretty impressive, given the UK’s infamous weather conditions!

  • City View  

  • OS Mastermap and OS Mapping

    • We are a long-term partner of Ordnance Survey and offer the full OS suite of products. 

    • We add significant value to OS datasets by helping you extract the relevant information to facilitate the outcomes desired.

  • Ground based data - mobile mapping

    • We have thousands of kilometres and mobile mapping data available to you on demand. Please speak to us about availability and access. 

    • Data includes 360° imagery and high quality point cloud datasets.

All of our content and data on demand is available through a range of delivery services including download, streaming, via one of our online viewing portals, via API's and many other options to suit.  Call our team to discuss how you might leverage our geospatial data.

Geospatial Data Platform

Providing Geospatial data on demand

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