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Making data easily accessible

We work with expert partners who specialise in different aspects of geospatial data visualisation and Geospatial data access.  Visualisation partners include: Ecopia Technology,, Orbit GT, Skyline Software Systems, Korec Group and more. By collaborating with our partners, we are able to provide the best end to end solution for our clients.


In 1999 we pioneered the online delivery of aerial photography to businesses and the Public Sector creating the first seamless aerial map of Great Britain. At the same time, we also pioneered online data hosting and streaming services to provide easy access to our imagery, including our Web Map Service (WMS), recognised as one of the fastest services available for geospatial data visualization.

With a growing demand for API based access, fast streaming of imagery and spatial data sets for specific industry needs, through GSaaS we now offer a range of streaming and geospatial data visualisation options.


Maps and models - from our datasets

We create and provide a range of extracted information such as height or elevation models (i.e. DSM/DTM) and building outlines, but for other, more specific map tools we work with our Partners such as Ordnance Survey, The Environment Agency, and Landmark.

Getmapping's SmartView Portal (below) is a powerful tool for accessing our datasets and delivering data-driven insights.


To see how easy it is to use SmartView and visualise the digital environment from your desktop, call us now for your free 14-day trial.

​Multiple ways to access
your data

We have many different users of our data who have varying needs and abilities to interpret the insight. Speak to us about the best option for you. Geospatial data visualization options include:

Smartview Portal – this is our easy to use viewer and suitable for all levels of expertise. Contact Us for further details.

Orbit Portal – for those experienced with managing and layering multiple data sets,  we offer an advanced platform viewer.  Contact Us for more information.

Platform of your choice – we're not fussy! Our experts are happy to support you to work from your preferred platform of choice. Contact Us for more details.

Access aerial imagery online

Our online Mapshop allows you to select and purchase any imagery from our National dataset. 

If you require large areas or regular access to imagery, one of our 'geospatial data visualisation tools' may suit you best, such as Getmapping’s Portal. For small areas or occasional requirements, please visit our Mapshop.

For even higher resolution imagery, such as our CityView 5cm coverage, please contact one of our expert consultants.

How to View Geospatial Data

Simplifying access to the data you need

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