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Aerial Survey Services
Air-based imagery & data

Getmapping is the UK’s leading company of aerial surveys and Geospatial datasets.   


We can provision current and historical 'off the shelf' imagery and data from our own 12.5cm, 5cm and 3cm UK based flying programs but we can also provide bespoke Aerial survey services for those who require efficient capture of large areas, even in remote and hazardous locations.

We capture Vertical, LiDAR, Oblique and Infra red imagery to suit a variety of user cases, and we supply a wide range of models and extracted datasets in line with our GSaaS philosophy - providing the right data in the best format for the client purpose. 


As experts in the acquisition, processing and delivery of high quality digital aerial imagery, we are unique in offering high resolution imagery with complete national coverage of Great Britain. 

Our comprehensive update program across the whole of UK ensures that our aerial photography data is refreshed regularly. We have an unparalleled collection of digital imagery with a large archive of aerial photography dating back to 1999, and we are able to provide multiple epochs for many locations which are ideally suited for planning issues and boundary dispute.


High Quality Imagery & Spatial data

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