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Mobile mapping services
LiDAR & imagery data

We call our range of ground survey services “mobile mapping survey”.  As an early adopter of this new survey technique and technology, we found that a 'ground up' view of the built environment complemented the 'birds eye view' of aerial capture.  While aerial imagery provides a large area view, mobile mapping surveys capture details that are only visible from the land perspective.  Getmapping are the first to provide both aerial and ground data sets of the built environment.

Mobile mapping survey techniques are becoming increasingly popular for collecting and delivering the 'where' of things in the environment as well as the 'state' or condition of those things.   

When the technology first hit the market, it was used predominantly for motorway and road analysis.  Data collected by the system is extremely accurate, so much so that 'boots on the ground' traditional street surveys are becoming a 'thing of the past'. 

Because the data collected is geo-referenced to a local coordinate system, it is easy to  extract street features such as street lights, street signs, road markings,  manholes, sidewalks, trees, etc.  These features are extracted from the mobile LiDAR data, and clients use the imagery as a visual reference.


In parallel to highly accurate point cloud (LiDAR) data, we are collecting imagery of everything you can see if you stand in the road and turn in a full circle.  We feel this valuable information, while not essential to traditional Mobile Mapping users  for road maintenance and the like, is currently under-utilsed in general within  the  business community. 

Mobile mapping service is becoming very affordable,  and more user-friendly in recent years, making it easier for other markets and  smaller companies to adopt. We would encourage any business that could make use of a digitised version of the built environment to speak to us to see if geospatial data could bring efficiencies and insights to your business.


Ground based mobile mapping survey service

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