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Brand New! 10cm vertical and oblique aerial photography for Greater London

Getmapping continue to enjoy a fantastic flying season and are capturing huge volumes of up-to-date aerial imagery you may be interested in using for your own analysis purposes.

The data is being rapidly processed and is available on request, so please do contact us as a lot of the higher resolution and new datasets will not be available via our website at this stage.

In addition to our existing 12.5cm full UK coverage, we have specialised, high resolution data-sets available, including, but not limited to, our high resolution 3cm coverage of multiple urban areas, and we have 10cm vertical and oblique imagery for the whole of Greater London.

The new 10cm vertical and oblique images provide an unprecedented level of detail, accuracy and clarity. The data gives rapid access to a 360° view of every location in the London area and a clear view of all visible building facades. It includes all assets and facilities, even those that would usually be obscured or difficult to distinguish on traditional vertical imagery. Tall objects such as bridges and building towers are easily recognisable and measurable.

This unique data set enables customers to:

  • more easily manage assets and control change

  • more accurately determine feature elevations

  • take accurate 3D measurements

  • measure spot heights, lengths, areas and perimeters and distances

The imagery can be supplied off the shelf via multiple delivery methods including email, FTP or DVD and/or we can use our fast streaming service to deliver data straight to your GIS platform, enabling many departments and users to access and benefit from the datasets simultaneously.

For more information on Getmapping's latest aerial data, please contact us.


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