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Are Getmapping Aerial imagery and Google the same?

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Online web environments like Google Maps and Google Earth provide a great way to view existing geospatial data.

For general public use, such as browsing to view an area of interest (e.g. London Tower Bridge) it’s a fantastic tool, and leverages Getmapping data for many of the populated and frequently searched locations.

Where Getmapping Aerial imagery differs is in its currency (i.e. up to date imagery) and quality. Depending on how you want to use the data, Getmapping information provides very accurate information on 'where' any particular place or item is in relation to the world.

A task as seemingly simple as closing off the road at the correct spot can be seriously compromised if the data about the roads and environment is out, even by just a few feet.

Getmapping are the chosen partner for many of the UK’s top Engineering and Construction companies in the UK for this reason.

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