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Digitising 'Rules of the Road' for the West Midlands Combined Authority

Providing 3D Mapping of all highways and extraction of crucial information on prohibitions and restrictions.


Transport for West Midlands (TfWM), acting on behalf of the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) commenced a ground-breaking project in the summer of 2022 to digitise their highways and record all aspects of Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs), and provide a region wide system for storing and accessing this valuable data.

Known as “Rules of the Road” the project's primary objective is to ensure that regulations governing the operation of the highway network are easy to manage, understand, extract and apply / enforce.

TfWM required:

  • digitisation of all ‘on street’ data including parking bays and all Traffic Related Order (TRO) restrictions.

  • identification and extraction of particular assets and TRO related data.

  • Delivery / integration of survey data into ParkMap, WMCA’s approved GIS system, supplied by Getmapping’s TRO partner, Buchanan Computing

TfWM sought to appoint a single provider to the Framework Contract to carry out all of the required surveys across WMCA’s seven constituent highway authorities -Birmingham, Coventry, Dudley, Sandwell, Solihull, Walsall and Wolverhampton.

Several organisations were invited to tender, and their proposals were evaluated on the price per km2 and various quality criteria including collaborative working, data collection method, data outputs and quality control. After careful consideration, Getmapping were entrusted with the delivery of this critical mapping project.

The Solution

Getmapping’s Mobile Mapping solution was deployed to scan all roads and their immediate surroundings, using our engineering grade, vehicle mounted Leica Pegasus: Two Ultimate sensor, specifically designed for rapid, high accuracy survey work.

Initially, two pilot areas were captured and according to client specifications, specific assets and TRO related data were extracted and supplied for user testing. The successful trial resulted in approval to continue to Phase 2. Due to the scale of the project, data is captured, processed and supplied in phases, as specified by the client.

Post capture, the huge volume of mapped data is processed by Getmapping’s expert data processing team, to provide high resolution 360-degree street level imagery, 3D laser point clouds and extraction of all TRO related assets as specified.

The processed data is sent to Buchanan Computing, Getmapping’s TRO partner, to ingest the extracted datasets into their ParkMap system, map the exact location of all Moving and Stationary Order items and conduct final query resolution in conjunction with the TfWM data team so that it is ready for use in ParkMap.

Sreenshot from the ParkMap system with data extractions of

No entry and other street signs, together with the spherical image from the street survey.


  • Rapid Data Capture: data was captured in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional topographical survey methods.

  • Reduces Costs: significant cost-savings versus a “boots on the ground” topographic survey.

  • Accurate Data: +/- 5cm accuracy levels.

  • Minimal Disruption: Surveys completed with no traffic disruption and minimal environmental impact.

  • Integrated Solution: Survey data seamlessly integrates with Local Authority’s ParkMap systems and provides an up-to-date baseline knowledge for all enforceable prohibitions and restrictions.

  • Immediate Data Access: ‘Extracted’ assets provide instant access to a visual representation of all restrictions and prohibitions, speed limits and TRO related assets, and essential knowledge for autonomous vehicles on the road.

  • Aids Collaboration: Accessible by all seven highways authorities, providing continuity of highways data and restrictions across the West Midlands area.

  • Supports wider service delivery: The Mobile Mapping data is proving invaluable across other WMCA disciplines and departments including Parking Enforcement, Transport and Infrastructure Planning and Management, Environment Impact Assessment and Planning.

Click below for the full story in printable format.

WMCA Case Study Final
Download PDF • 2.42MB

To find our more about how we can help digitise your highways, call us on 01252 849440.

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