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Embrace Collaboration and get ahead with 'win win win' solutions

In the final part of our series spotlighting the increasing importance of geospatial data and solutions as a key technology enabler, Getmapping CEO Dave Horner discusses some of the ways in which organisations must embrace collaboration in the technology space in order to thrive in a changing digital world.

Recap: Geospatial Data and Solutions are becoming a Key Technology Enabler

If you’ve read any of the first three articles in this series, you will now that we have been encouraging the business world to start thinking of geospatial data and solutions not just as a valuable information source, but as a key technology enabler in its own right, alongside artificial intelligence, 5G, IoT and the other recognised enablers.

Unlocking the power of where as part of a fully rounded digital transformation strategy is already helping savvy businesses to leap ahead of their competition. Geospatial data provides a rich source of business information, and when combined with other levers such as AI and IoT, creates powerful intelligence and insight to help drive business strategy and growth.

But don’t try to do it all yourself!

Embrace Collaboration to get ahead

It is already widely recognised that collaboration will be a key competency for businesses that want to get ahead. Studies show that companies that embrace collaboration complete projects faster, build healthier working relationships and significantly improve productivity across the board.

At Getmapping, collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. We recognise that geospatial data and services form only part of the solution and the full power of our services is realised when we work in tandem with our partners to deliver powerful solutions.

This is especially true of the growing number of new customers we are working with - the so-called Geospatial Immigrants – companies that are only just waking up to the benefits of leveraging geospatial data and solutions within their organisations. For them, collaboration is already well established as a key skill, and by collaborating with geospatial specialists such as Getmapping, they are able to free up valuable resources from sourcing and processing data to focusing on what they do best – delivering powerful solutions to their clients.

Think about creating “Win, Win, Win Partnerships”

Many companies strive to create win-win partnerships – partnerships that create equal benefit to both companies. But peak performing companies go further and strive to achieve win-win-win partnerships – ones where the benefit of the collaboration extends to achieving an over-sized impact on your customer base as well.

At Getmapping, we look to work with our partners to deliver over-sized impacts for our customers, and for many of our new clients, the benefits of leveraging geospatial data to deliver business insight and intelligence has just that effect. This happens because we no longer stop at delivering high quality raw data to our clients, but instead have started to partner with them and with innovative solutions providers, to turn geospatial data into actionable information and insights.

An example would be our kerbside management solution. For a number of years, we have provided a service to digitise the kerbside environment using mobile mapping data. However, we now go much further, leveraging powerful AI algorithms and working with experienced TRO experts to deliver a full TRO management solution to our clients.

Another example leverages our high resolution CityView 5cm imagery with a customised viewing platform to provide maintenance engineers with a full 3d picture of the property they are visiting, allowing them to focus their visit where it is needed most.

5cm Aerial image, New City Hall

These are just two examples, but more and more innovative solutions are being created every day, and companies like Getmapping, that are early adopters of the Win-Win-Win philosophy, are now leading the charge.

The GSaaS Partner Portal

The philosophy of closer collaboration, with the intention of delivering win-win-win partnerships, underpins the development of collaborative platforms and ecosystems. Our own ecosystem, GSaaS, is one example.

Ecosystems create the perfect environment for collaboration to thrive, and in GSaaS, Getmapping is creating a geospatial ecosystem in which our growing community of partners can build and deliver powerful solutions to the challenges facing organisations across both the Public and Private sectors.

The GSaaS Partner portal is being developed to create a space for partners to collaborate with Getmapping, other partners and end users. The portal will be launched in Q3 2022, so watch this space for more details, but if you are interested in joining the Win, Win, Win geospatial community, then get in touch and lets start a conversation!

Dave Horner, Group CEO, Getmapping

Dave heads up the Getmapping Group and is focused on building sustainable growth through long term strategic partnerships that deliver value to our clients, our partners and our supply chain globally.

He has worked in the geomatics industry for over twenty five years and has a wealth of practical experience, having worked as a technical specialist, before stepping up into various management positions and becoming the Group CEO 10 years ago. He has seen at first hand the huge change of focus in the sector from being a niche industry to becoming recognised as a key enabler across most market sectors.


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