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Getmapping's new road inspection technology enables highly efficient road surface management

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

We are experts at digitising Highways - in a fraction of the time needed to create these data sets using traditional survey methods, and without the need for costly traffic management and road closures. We use 'best of breed' technology to provide the highest quality, survey-grade data.

Getmapping's Mobile Mapping solution provides a highly efficient, accurate and cost-effective alternative to manual road surface inspection, (historically a costly, tedious process).

Road survey and inspection agencies, infrastructure operators and engineering companies are deploying Mobile Mapping for a wide range of purposes, including road surface management and predictive road maintenance. The Mobile Mapping solution is widely used to survey the condition of the road surface, visually detect cracks, potholes, or other distress, measure and assess the severity, and finally, record the location of each defect for maintenance departments to repair.

For maximum efficiency, Getmapping has added a specialist Leica road surface inspection camera to our Leica: Pegasus Two Ultimate Mobile Mapping system. With built-in functions like International Roughness (IRI) reporting, pothole and crack detection, road surface quality is captured while completing standard road mapping projects.

Our specialist data processing and AI capabilities mean that changes in the road condition can be identified and extracted, together with the exact location of each defect. This essential information is delivered straight to our clients' desktop, removing the need (and cost) of site visits.

Please call us on 01252 849440 if you want to find out more about how Mobile Mapping provides an effective solution for road surface management, or if you are looking to rapidly digitise the built environment and transform data into valuable insights for your organisation.


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