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Getmapping launches 'SmartView' platform

Updated: Apr 26

High density point clouds are easy to access and visualise with SmartView

Here at Getmapping we are passionate about unlocking the 'Power of Where' and delivering the right data, in the right way, to as many users as possible. To this end, we are delighted to launch our new SmartView platform.

SmartView makes it easy to view aerial and ground-based imagery and point cloud datasets in one platform. Now you can manage aerial imagery, mobile mapping 360 degree street level imagery and large, bulky point cloud datasets on one screen, for a complete and unique 'air down / ground up' perspective.

View Aerial imagery, street level imagery and point cloud data on one screen.

SmartView allows you to manage big, bulky point cloud data, making it easy to visualise high density point clouds and extract the meaningful information you need for informed decision-making.

Easy access and visualisation of point clouds

It also provides access to all of Getmapping's high resolution aerial imagery, including our new 5cm CityView content, which will be updated on an annual basis.

CityView provides highly detailed and frequently updated aerial imagery on demand

This level of detail, accuracy and currency provides a much more reliable and robust experience than other cloud-based solutions such as Google Earth.

Our Survey and Engineering partners find they can see in seconds what it would take several days or even months to see via manual inspections, resulting in significant time and cost savings, as the requirement for site visits is reduced or even removed.

Via SmartView you will also enjoy access to historic aerial imagery covering the whole of Great Britain dating back to 1999! SmartView allows you to monitor change, identify patterns and trends and combine historic and current data to quickly extract the information that’s useful to you.

Intuitive tools make it easy to view, measure, manipulate and annotate data to draw informed insight that can easily be shared with all stakeholders across the organisation, whoever and wherever they are.

To find out more, have a look at our short video.

Email now to take advantage of a free SmartView trial evaluation.


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