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Getmapping partners with iDefigo to deliver new GSaaS proposition.

GetMapping have partnered with trusted supplier iDefigo to provide customers with GetSensing, a new and unique solution within our GSaaS (Geospatial as a Service) proposition.

GetSensing provides an IoT based visual intelligence ‘anywhere’ solution and 24 hour 'eyes on' surveillance in remote locations. The GetSensing system uses iDefigo's range of SMART, wireless cameras (that do not need to be tethered for power or network connectivity) combined with powerful AI algorithms and cloud-based software, to provide a range of innovative business solutions. These can be rapidly deployed anywhere, at a much lower cost than conventional surveillance solutions.

“Getmapping is known for delivering high quality solutions to our customers. Our 'Best of Breed' policy has enabled us to launch many first to market solutions over the past 20+ years,“ says Dave Horner, Getmapping CEO.

“Our company core purpose is ‘Creating solutions to the challenges facing our planet,’ and this has never been more relevant than in light of the challenges we are facing today. GetSensing is an easy to use solution that helps us recognise and overcome some of those challenges. We have had fantastic industry feedback already.”

“iDefigo’s SMART camera technology provides a great fit with our overarching solutions strategy and equips us with new innovative services to take to our customers. GetSensing has a wide range of applications and has already been successful in Lincolnshire County Council for example, where the intelligent solution has alerted fly tipping occurrences which are now being prosecuted,” said Gavin Sullivan, Deputy Head of Europe, Getmapping.

“Getmapping have a fantastic user base, established over a 20 year period and we are confident that they will be able to help us to enter into new markets with our product range,” said Russ Pedder, iDefigo Sales Director.

For an insight into our GetSensing solutions, please contact one of our staff members to discuss how we can provide 'eyes on' when and where you need it.

Check out the overview video below to discover how the protect range of GetSensing solutions can benefit your business.


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