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Getmapping’s partnership with UP42 empowers access to high quality geospatial intelligence

Getmapping’s partnership with UP42, a developer platform and marketplace for geospatial data and analytics, provides UP42 customers with geospatial business intelligence to create solutions to important problems.

The partnership, announced in June 2020, seamlessly expands the variety of geospatial data accessible to UP42 customers, providing them with valuable new insights and the ability to achieve new spatial resolutions.

Access to up to date high resolution aerial imagery for the whole of Great Britain is being used to provide critical business intelligence for many applications: 3D modelling of buildings and locations, environment monitoring for floods and vegetation, pre and post-disaster analysis and much more.

"We are proud to be partnering with UP42, where we can collectively support the growing market need for high-quality data and encourage insights to solve important problems." said Gavin Sullivan, Deputy Head of Europe at Getmappping.

CPO at UP42, Sean Wiid added, "Our partnership is one that will support those looking to create solutions using very high-resolution imagery and provide value for customers across industries."


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