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Getmapping's WMS reprojects on the fly for ease of use and optimised viewing experience

Getmapping’s ultra-fast Web Mapping Service (WMS) enables you to quickly and easily access high resolution, up-to-date imagery and geospatial data (such as height and land contour information), even if you are not a GIS specialist.

Our WMS not only follows OGC standards, making it instantly compatible with industry standard GIS viewers, but it is also capable of reprojecting on the fly, instantly resolving conflicts when your data is in a different coordinate system than your map (i.e. from the native Great Britain projection to either Web Mercator or the World Geodetic System) which makes our service even easier to use for different in-house systems around the globe.

Our data streaming service is designed to integrate easily with your third-party data systems, such as web interface systems or existing GIS software, to give the insights you need. It is used for multiple purposes by our wide range of clients; whether you need to understand flood risk, or wish to analyse data and imagery for building projects or any other requirement where up-to-date, high quality imagery will be advantageous, our streaming data feed is fast, accurate and cost-effective.

Streaming data feeds from the cloud provides all users in your organisation with instant access to high quality, up-to-date data, without the need for large local copies of the datasets being maintained in-house. This saves time, frees up IT resources, and ensures every user can display the latest and same version of maps, at the same time, wherever they are.

Data can also be supplied as a set of tiles via our Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) . Tiles can be cached on the client’s system reducing the number of calls that need to be made when they return to a previously viewed area.

Getmapping pioneered the streaming of geospatial data over the web. We have maintained our market lead in terms of high-speed system performance and reliability and are well recognised across the industry as the fastest and most robust WMS available.

“This has been achieved through a combination of unique data storage algorithms developed over the last ten years and significant investment in high-speed, high redundancy technology to deliver the services to our large customer base.” Says Gavin Sullivan, Deputy Head of Europe.

We are constantly looking at ways to improve the overall customer experience, optimising the way data is presented and viewed across a range of devices and website GUIs for example.

“Getmapping’s WMS is widely recognised as the fastest streaming service available for geospatial data in the UK.” Says Helen Wattie, Getmapping’s European Sales Manager. “We ensure that the data you access is always up to date and automatically reprojected on the fly to ensure you always have the best possible view of the data.”


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