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Getmappping launches annual 5cm flying program

Updated: Apr 26

Getmapping is delighted to announce the launch of CityView - an annual flying program that captures 5cm Aerial imagery and geospatial data for all of Britain's major towns and cities.

City Hall, 5cm CityView image

We are the first company to commit to capturing the major towns and cities in the UK and Ireland at this incredibly high resolution, and the first committed to doing so on an annual basis!

Ipswich, 5cm CityView image

The highly detailed digital representation of the built environment that CityView provides and the currency of the data, enables our clients to do so much more with both the Aerial imagery and the information derived from it (the Where!). Customers all over the globe will benefit from huge savings in time and effort, as well as constantly developing new ways to use digital data in place of 'boots on the ground'.

London, 5cm CityView image

Increasingly, more and more Public and Private sector organisations are using higher-definition, feature rich Aerial imagery for applications such as:

  • mapping and managing street assets

  • developing and maintaining properties (especially the condition of roofs which have historically been difficult and relatively risky to assess)

  • more efficiently delivering Utility services

  • planning renewable energy such as Wind and Solar farms

CityView data enables users to do all of this remotely, reducing and/or removing the need for time-consuming and costly site visits. The 5cm data provides a much richer list of features - road markings, street furniture and assets, property boundaries etc that are clearly visible and able to be mapped to extremely high levels of accuracy. The images below demonstrate the difference in detail between 12.5cm and 5cm resolution.

12.5cm roof image, National View

5cm roof image, CityView

As higher resolution Geospatial data and solutions become more commercialised and more easily available, Getmapping is partnering with leading companies across a wide range of industries to help unlock powerful and innovative new applications.

To book a demo of CityView, or to discuss a Proof of Concept, please call us on 01252 849440. For more information click here

5cm CityView_Product Overview
Download PDF • 1.84MB


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