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Peabody Group chooses Aerial imagery for high quality asset intelligence

Helping Peabody Housing Association create a detailed asset register and improve data quality through the provision of high resolution aerial imagery

BlackFriars Estate, Southwark.

Source: Getmapping


The Peabody Group owns and manages over 104,000 homes across London and the Home Counties. To improve the management of existing housing stock and assist in developing investment plans and programmes, Peabody wanted to improve the quality of their GIS database. To do this, they went out to tender for the procurement of the most recent, high resolution Orthorectified Aerial Photography.

This was to support the establishment of:

  • a comprehensive GIS baseline dataset of all assets, including all housing stock and open spaces.

  • better visualisation of their wide ranging and complex land ownership data.

  • a clear decision-making framework for management, investment and long term financial planning.

Organisations invited to tender were evaluated on a number of key considerations. After careful consideration, Peabody awarded the contract to Getmapping, who offered the most current and highest quality data, with the most extensive coverage, to underpin this important mapping project.

"We chose Getmapping because they comprehensively answered the brief, giving us faith in the results. They scored 100% against all the key criteria and were the lowest on cost. The data provides us with a holistic view of our portfolio and supports us in decision making, maximising the effectiveness of our resources.”

Amanda-Jayne Doherty

Open Space Strategy Manager, Peabody

The Solution

  • Aerial imagery was provided at 10cm resolution for the 29 London local authorities and at 12.5cm resolution for areas across the South East where Peabody’s housing stock is situated

  • Historic data was also provided.

  • The data was supplied in WMTS format, with seamless integration into Peabody’s QGIS system and other GIS platforms used by external partners.

From left to right: Pembury Estate Hackney, Shadwell Estate Tower Hamlets and Abbey Orchard Street Westminster

Source: Getmapping


With better information, Peabody expect to save on operational costs. Greater insight will help with plans to address issues and support the delivery of great homes and services. The solution provides:

  • the most comprehensive and up-to-date database, with images from different angles including roofs, which have historically been difficult to monitor

  • a digital register of all housing stock, assets and green spaces.

  • the ability to search and view individual assets in detail from the desktop, without the need for a site visit, saving money, time and reducing Peabody’s carbon footprint.

  • the ability to quickly identify problem areas and deploy Maintenance teams directly to the locations they are needed. This helps Peabody more effectively manage their duty of care responsibilities.

  • a cost-effective tool for identifying and evaluating sites for new developments.

  • the ability to monitor change over time.

Click below for the full story in printable format.

Download PDF • 1.78MB

To find our more about how high resolution Aerial imagery can support your asset intelligence and decision making, please call us now on 01252 849440 or email

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