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Introducing Getmapping's GSaaS Platform

Getmapping’s Geospatial as a Service (GSaaS) Platform creates high quality business information by providing organisations with easy access to the right geospatial data.

Getmapping are proud to announce the launch of their new GSaaS platform in the UK and Ireland, enabling organisations to leverage the power of geospatial data to create the insight and information they need.

GSaaS provides users with:

  • Access to a wide range of premium aerial and ground-based geospatial content on demand.

  • The option to supplement existing content with bespoke aerial and ground-based surveys as required, to meet specific needs.

  • A powerful range of streaming and visualisation tools to enable quick and easy access to information on demand for all stakeholders.

GSaaS differs from other geospatial offerings in that it creates a tailored solution specifically designed to meet the needs of each customer, enabling users to fully exploit the power of geospatial data across their organisation.

“At Getmapping, we are passionate about providing the right solution for our customer’s specific needs.” Explains Helen Wattie, Getmapping’s European Sales Manager. “Most platforms only promote a limited range of content or solutions belonging to the platform’s owner. GSaaS has been designed from the start with the Customer’s needs at its heart. In addition to offering access to our own high-resolution aerial and mobile mapping content, GSaaS also provides access to a wide range of complimentary third-party data, services and solutions, so we can ensure that the Customer gets exactly the right solution for them.”

But the benefits of GSaaS don’t end there, as Getmapping’s CEO Dave Horner explains:

“Off the shelf data provides users with access to content on demand, but it also limits them to having to work with what is available. As the demand for geospatial data and solutions grows rapidly, so is the need for a tailored solution. To meet this demand, we have added the ability to commission a bespoke aerial or ground-based survey through GSaaS as part of the overall solution. This allows us to develop a tailored solution for each customer that is optimised to their particular opportunity or challenge.”

As the only UK survey company offering a full range of aerial and ground-based bespoke survey services, Getmapping are uniquely positioned to be able to offer this tailored solution, and both our existing and new customers are already benefiting from this customisable approach, enabling them to leverage the benefit of both aerial and ground-based data as and when required.

GSaaS also offers one more unique feature that differentiates it from proprietary platform solutions – it enables the delivery of data via a wide range of streaming and visualisation solutions.

“Every user is different” explains Gavin Sullivan, Getmapping’s Deputy Head of Europe. “So we needed to build a platform that embraced this and enabled users to ingest data and information in the right way for them, rather than limit the benefit of the solution by forcing them to take a particular proprietary service. With GSaaS, users can choose between physical deliveries and streaming services for delivering content and information, and/or select the appropriate visualisation solution for their organisation – from a simple to use corporate wide GIS viewer to a high-end powerful analysis tool for a survey professional, and every option in between.”

The result is a powerful Geospatial platform through which users can access the content and information they need in a format that makes it easy for them to use, and then share data and collaborate effectively with their partners.

In the coming weeks, Getmapping will also be launching our GSaaS Partner Portal to enable our growing partner network to leverage the power of GSaaS in delivering their own range of business solutions, and make them available to Getmapping’s existing and expanding customer base.

If you are interested in learning more about how Geospatial data can help unlock the full potential of your organisation, then contact one of our GSaaS consultants on 01252 849440 to start a conversation.


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