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Mobile Mapping - a super agile solution that delivers engineering grade survey data, fast

With current economic volatility and the challenge of having to do more for less, Mobile 3D Mapping technologies are rapidly replacing traditional survey methods. This is attributable to both the operational efficiencies it delivers and its super agility.

Getmapping works with thousands of organisations, on a vast range of National Highways, TFL and other construction projects. We are experiencing a growing demand for engineering grade survey data delivered in days, or even hours, rather than the weeks needed using traditional methods.

Mobile Mapping is super agile and enables projects to be turned around quickly. Rapid mobilisation, highly efficient data capture, and smart data processing mean that data and insights can be delivered fast.

Why is Mobile Mapping faster?

Mobile Mapping uses vehicle-mounted 3D mapping technology to digitise the built environment to provide ground level, high resolution 360 degree images and highly accurate measurements of any given object, through high density point clouds.

3D scanners capture everything ‘the eye can see’ from a moving vehicle, travelling at normal speed along the carriageway.

Mobile Mapping can be rapidly mobilised and deployed, removing the need for 'boots on the ground' and the time consuming process of arranging permits and logistics. As data is captured from the safety of a moving vehicle, there is also no requirement for time-consuming, costly traffic management and road closures.

Getmapping has access to multiple scanners, enabling customers to run multiple projects concurrently, without the complexity of organising logistics for surveyors across a variety of locations.

Why is agility important?

The ability to mobilise and deliver results quickly is hugely important in an increasingly competitive market. Agility means fast turnaround of projects, and the ability to do more, coupled with operational efficiencies. Mobile Mapping is up to 10 times faster than traditional survey methods and delivers cost savings of 25%.

Real life examples

Mobile Mapping digitises highways, entire towns and cities, and even whole countries in a fraction of the time needed to create these data sets using traditional survey methods.

Example 1

In 2020 Getmapping mapped the entire National Trunk Network for The Danish Road Directorate, more than 10,000 kms of motorways, connected roads and many of Denmark’s bridges, in just 6 months.

Hundreds of Line Kilometres were captured each day, and all mapping was completed within just three months of the project start date. Getmapping processed and delivered the data in phases, providing usable and relevant information for immediate consumption and analysis.

The data is now helping the Directorate monitor and maintain the road network from the safety of the office.

Example 2

More recently, Getmapping helped a customer meet an urgent TST Topographic framework project deadline, mobilising the technology and completing the survey within 24 hours. The images and point cloud data were processed and delivered within a couple of days.

Providing easy access to data

Mobile Mapping imagery and point cloud data can be integrated into existing GIS systems, or the data can be processed for automated feature extraction and more meaningful insights. Or data can be accessed through a portal, like Getmapping's SmartView.

SmartView enables users to access and work with the data in a smart way, with intuitive tools to view, measure, manipulate and annotate images and point clouds for informed insight and better decisions making. Unique to SmartView, it also gives access to all of Getmapping's high resolution aerial photography, providing a comprehensive 'ground up, air down' view of the environment. This ensures all angles are covered and enables users to infill any 'difficult to see' areas.

To arrange a free, no-obligation Mobile Mapping Proof of Concept, or a free SmartView trail, please call Neil Rennie on 07815 087583.

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