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Mobile Mapping contract secured with Vejdirektoratet in Denmark to survey the road state network.

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Getmapping is pleased to announce that it has secured a major new Mobile Mapping contract with Vejdirektoratet in Denmark for surveying the road state network.

High density terrestrial point cloud data and matching high resolution panoramic imagery will be collected during Spring and Summer 2021, using our state of the art Leica Pegasus: Two Mobile Mapping Ultimate equipment.

“This is an exciting win for Getmapping” says Gavin Sullivan, Deputy Head of Europe. ”Denmark is a new market for us and expands our presence as the leading supplier of aerial and mobile mapping services across North-West Europe.”

By the end of the year, Getmapping is scheduled to have delivered a full dataset of 3D laser point clouds and 360 degree photos to the Danish Road Directorate, covering all state roads and their immediate surroundings.

The Mobile Mapping survey will take less time and is more cost-effective than traditional surveys. The data will also drive operational efficiencies, enabling the Danish Road Directorate’s employees to carry out visual inspections and measurements from the office, mitigating the health and safety risks of site visits. The new data will allow Vejdirektoratet to develop completely new methods and applications in a wide range of areas.


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