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Spotr chooses GSaaS for AI building inspection platform

Powering an AI building inspection platform that helps housing associations inspect buildings from behind the desk, and start making data-driven decisions

"Provision of high resolution aerial imagery and ground level mobile mapping and LiDAR data.”

Example of ground level image on Spotr platform


Getmapping is working with Spotr, a leading digital property inspection platform that digitally inspects buildings off-site, instantly and at scale, providing a trusted solution for housing associations.

To deliver a reliable and robust customer experience, Spotr required the highest quality, highest accuracy and most up-to-date data set. They approached Getmapping as the UK’s leading supplier of aerial photography and geospatial datasets and quickly realised that their unique ability to deliver and combine aerial imagery and LiDAR data with ground level imagery and high density point clouds, would deliver the most comprehensive dataset and a real competitive advantage.


Getmapping provided high resolution 12.5cm aerial imagery for selected areas.

Example of Getmapping 12.5cm aerial imagery

Using ‘best of breed’ Mobile Mapping technology, Getmapping also collected 360 degree ground level imagery and LiDAR (in the form of high density point clouds), for hundreds of properties across the UK.

The Spotr platform applied AI algorithms to the data, producing traceable measurements and an inventory of building elements, presented in an easy-to-use platform accessible to everyone in the organisation.

Example of ground level image on Spotr platform


With better information about their properties, housing associations are reducing site visits, saving on operational costs. Making smart use of data helps them perform preventive maintenance, implement quality improvements, renovate and apply sustainable upgrades to buildings as effectively and efficiently as possible.

In summary, the unique combination of aerial and ground level 360 degree imagery and LiDAR data provided:

  • the most comprehensive and up-to-date image and LiDAR database, with images from different angles, including roofs which have historically been difficult to monitor, enabling Housing Associations to determine and monitor the quality of their real estate and maintain control

  • a digital register of all housing stock, assets and green spaces, important to Housing Associations whose main goal is to provide affordable and pleasant living

  • the ability to search and view individual assets in detail from the desktop, saving time and money spent on site visits and reducing the carbon footprint too. This way, Housing Associations have more time to do what they do: build and maintain properties

  • the ability to quickly spot anomalies / identify risks in real estate through automatic recognition of building elements. Quick reporting notifies Maintenance teams and enables rapid deployment directly to the locations they are needed, helping Housing Associations more effectively manage their duty of care responsibilities.

Read the full Spotr story in printable PDF format

Spotr case study
Download PDF • 1.25MB

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