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The Danish Road Directorate chooses Mobile Mapping to map entire country

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Helping the Danish Road Directorate monitor and maintain the National Trunk Network through our innovative Mobile Mapping and GSaaS solution.

“High density point cloud data, matching ground level high resolution panoramic imagery and extensive data processing and classifications for more than 10,000 kilometres of dual carriageways and connected roads.”


The Danish Road Directorate, Vejdirektoratet, is responsible for the National Road Network of Denmark and ensuring that it is maintained to the highest possible standard.

They were looking for a solution that would help them map the entire Danish national trunk network and enable them to better monitor and maintain more than 10,000 kms of motorways, connected roads and many of the country's bridges. They required a service that could be delivered quickly (in less than six months for the entire road network) and one that balanced mobility, the environment and road safety.

Several Geospatial solution providers were invited to tender for this large and important contract.

Getmapping demonstrated our Mobile Mapping solution would quickly and efficiently capture and process the unprecedented volume of mobile mapping data involved in a project of this size and deliver the meaningful business intelligence Vejdirektoratet needed, within the required timescales.

The Solution

The Vejdirektoratet specified that the data should only be captured during daylight hours and the full dataset should be collected, processed and delivered in less than six months.

The agreed solution involved scanning Denmark’s roads and their immediate surrounding using Getmapping’s Leica Pegasus Two: Ultimate Mobile Mapping solution to provide a full dataset of 3D laser point clouds with high resolution 360-degree imagery. To complete the project in the timescales, this comprehensive, integrated hardware and software Mobile Mapping solution specifically designed for rapid, high accuracy survey work, proved to be the best solution.

Together, Getmapping and the Vejdirektoratet identified how the huge data set would be classified (with four levels of LiDAR classification) to provide the most usable and relevant insights. This would form the basis of their ongoing management of the road network, surveying and condition registration for various assets such as signs, safety barriers, lighting, bridges and conceptual designs.

The data was processed and supplied in phases for immediate consumption and analysis.

“Data is processed and checked by Vejdirektoratet, and imported into the OrbitGT Cloud solution, and an effective access to 360-degree photos and Point Cloud will be provided to all employees in Vejdirektoratet. In that solution inspections and simple measurements and registration can be done directly on the whole Road Network. The expectation is that many tasks can be done more efficiently and with a better documentation. It is also expected that the number of visits in the field can be reduced significantly, resulting in a better safety for both employees and road users. “

Svend Elgaard,

Specialist Coordinator Surveying and Mapping,

Danish Road Directorate


Despite the challenges– the scale of the project, the extensive data processing and classification requirements and the short execution period for a survey of this scale, Getmapping met and exceeded the Vejdirektoratet’s expectations:

  • Highly efficient data capture: the data only needed to be captured once, surpassing the project specification for point density and data accuracy.

  • Hundreds of Line Kilometres captured per day: all mapping was completed within just three months of the project start date.

  • Delivered in phases: The mobile mapping data, including classifications was processed and delivered in phases, providing usable and relevant information for immediate consumption and analysis.

  • Timescales met: The full data set was delivered within the six months specified.

The mobile mapping survey took less time and was more cost-effective than traditional surveying methods.

The data is now driving operational efficiencies, providing the Vejdirektoratet employees with the ability to effectively access updated 360-degree photos for any location on the National Road Network, and at the same time perform simple measurements and registrations - all from the office.

  • This removes the health and safety risks as well as the time needed to make site visits.

  • The mobile mapping data will allow them to develop completely new methods and applications in a wide range of areas.

Case Study_Denmark_v4_GS_FINAL
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