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Survey Services

Delivering quality survey services

Ground Up

Thousands of line kilometres of ground data, including 360° imagery.

Air Down

A seamless map of the UK and Ireland down to a 5cm view.

Getmapping offers a unique perspective on geospatial given we are the only provider of ground-up and air-down survey solutions.

Cheaper and faster than traditional topo surveys

Understand better - analyse from the desktop

Integrates easily with your technology

Mobile Mapping - Data Captured from the Ground

Our unique "Ground-Up" perspective uses our high precision Mobile Mapping system. This is when instead of an aircraft, we use a vehicle or a backpack to capture Geospatial data to an incredible level of detail.

Data is collected in the form or high resolution 360° imagery and dense point cloud datasets derived from LiDAR.

You can even extract specific information from the data such as street signs, parking bay information, lighting columns and so much more.

Most current data

Customised to meet specific project requirements

Integrates with your existing technology

Aerial Survey - Data Captured from the Air

Our bespoke Aerial Surveys capture imagery, LiDAR and/or other geospatial data using an aircraft fitted with specialised survey equipment, or drones.

The data collected from the air provides a 'birds-eye' view of the environment below, providing high lev34ls of coverage and detail - down to as small as 1.5cm per pixel.

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